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January 5, 2021

Sydney + Michael inquired with me to photograph their wedding a few weeks ago.

Annnnnd I was already booked which was SUCH a bummer because there was a spark of something that drew me too them – a connection that I knew would be too good.

Reluctantly I went to them with the news – offering to find them someone else who would go over the top for their day, but then Sydney responded back with something I never thought I’d hear.

“We are so bummed you are booked, BUT we would still love for you to do our engagement pictures, and I noticed you have a bucket list on your website. Let’s pick a place and meet you there for pictures!”

record scratch

OKAY WHAT. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! IS THIS A DREAM. DON’T PINCH ME. (My thoughts when I read that email)

Not only did this incredible couple still want to get pictures from me…BUT they also wanted to make an adventure out of it?! I could cry. What an absolute joy.

Turns out I had just booked a trip for the southern Utah I mentioned to them that perhaps we could make Zion National Park work…(still not believing anything like this could actually happen since it was so last minute)

Well let’s just say it ended up happening. And it was soooooo good.

Sydney + Michael ended up making a western road trip out of their adventure and cultivated an incredible experience together while meting me for pictures was just a short stop along the way.

SEE?! Engagement pictures don’t have to be so bland and boring. You guys, these two are an INSPIRATION. I was moved by their flexibility and sense of adventure. And even move this time with them was out of this world incredible.

Thank you S + M for sharing your heart and story with me. Truly I will cherish our time frolicking and swinging through Zion!

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