My FAVORITE clothes for working from home!


April 22, 2021

Last year we had culture shock reversed a lot of things for us. One of the biggest differences? A LOT more people started working from home.

But if you are a freelancer like me, that’s something that didn’t change. I have been doing photography for almost 10 years and have always worked from home. It’s one of those perks that I love a lot.

However it’s come with some challenges too. It’s easy to think it’s a dream (don’t get me wrong I much prefer it) BUT it’s soooo important to learn discipline – even though Netflix is one click away..doesn’t mean I can go on a daily binge or else nothing would get done.

One of the biggest forms of discipline I found that works so well…and it’s SO simple is:

Waking up and getting dressed for the day.


Yep. For me it’s a GAME CHANGER because it gets me out of sleep mode and into the flow of the day. If I stay in my PJs, it messes with my mentality and I notice I am less motivated and more lazy.

I don’t quite get the connection. But it works wonders for me!

However I still LOVE comfy clothes so the catch is I don’t “dress up” (it’s just not my personality – cute + comfy all the way!) But I will change into clothes that are comfortable and well suited for my work from home lifestyle. PLUS I like to be readily dressed for the gym for my midday break away from staring at my screen for hours on end.

….and then I found Sozy. And my comfy clothes dream came true.

Me wearing the CUTEST Anna long sleeved shirt from Sozy!

No seriously. If my personality could be a clothing brand it would be Sozy.

Soft + Cozy clothing designed around supporting women through their pieces AND their heart mission.

If fact, their overall driving force is to help support women in need. Their Message: “With every Sozy purchase we are collectively making a difference in the world, with 10% of profit supporting survivors of sexual violence and an additional 10% of profit supporting other charitable and environmental initiatives.”

Not to mention they are always looking to become more and more environmentally sustainable.


I wear their clothing just about every day and it has been PERFECT for what I do. Cute. Comfy. Something I could easily run errands in. (And not look like a slob in my normal sweatpants, hah!)

Let’s jump into a few of their other looks I have from them:


This duo has been a DREAM for me. As a wedding photographer it is SO tough to find a comfortable + professional outfit that works well when photographing weddings…ESPECIALLY summer weddings when it’s 85+ degrees. I DREAD this season as a wedding photographer. But this top + skirt comfy makes me more excited to take on this summer while staying more cool and SO CUTE!

PLUS it has pockets. It’s just fabulous.

Skirt: Camila Midi Skirt

Shirt: Kendall Crop Top Luxe


This top was one of the first things I got from Sozy and I am just flat out obsessed with it. It’s SO cute and I have even worked out in it! It’s just a great everyday crop top, and pair with some leggings? It’s an unbeatable combo.

Lucy Crop Top


Not only do I adore this top but I love this green color soooo much! It’s such a comfortable summer top that can be paired with so many cute things! But since I am a notorious legging girl this top was also paired with leggings and was *chefs kiss* perfect!

Brooklyn Crop Tank


This top comes in SO many fun colors! (I went with white for this classic look) I am such a fun of mid-sleeved shirts and this top has such a whimsical, frolicking in a flower field vibe. Paired with a fun skirt I feel like this would be a knock out!

Belle Top


THIS SHIRT IS MY FAVORITE. PERIOD. I cannot get over how much I love this top! Th long sleeves are so comfortable and the cut and fit of the shirt is so flattering on me. I’d honestly wear this everyday if it wasn’t weird. So I just wear it every other day to fix that 😉

Anna Long Sleeve Shirt

I cannot say enough good things about this company – what they stand for and the pieces they sell. It’s been such a fun find and made working from home even more of treat! Having soft + cozy clothing to step into to start the day motivates me all the more.

Let me know what you think and which look would be your comfy go to!

Also shoutout to my bestie, Humble Hands Artistry for being my beautiful model!

Shelby <3

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