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But for real, I LOVE candid moments. Movement, dancing, swinging your man around - you’ll feel silly but DANG will you look good! I am NOT about the prom pose - the stationary, traditional, bland, LAME..okay, okay I’m saying too much. BUT SERIOUSLY, movement brings comfort and ease in front of the camera. People ALWAYS tell me they are so uncomfortable taking pictures, but it’s most likely because you’ve never experienced photo taking like you will at my sessions. So, if you are looking for traditional I’m going to tell you now to exit stage right. Tradition is not me, and I know there are other photographers better suited for you. BUT if you are ready to get movin’ and swingin’, then THIS stage is yours.

I am so excited to bring your love story to life, and my approach to doing so is unique to me. This means my style, perspectives, and color are all part of my signature that I seal within each photograph taken. Check out my INVESTMENT PAGE to read more about the fun details behind my style & pricing. 

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People I vibe well with: 
    - Chill, goofy lovers
    - Adventurous Hearts
    - Love to laugh
    - Don't stress ove rthe            details

People I vibe well with: 
    - Chill, goofy lovers
    - Adventurous Hearts
    - Love to laugh
    - Don't stress over the details
    - Authentic 

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