I’m an intimate wedding photographer based in the North Georgia Mountains and I LOVE getting lost in nature and seeking light everywhere I go. When I am not out frolicking in nature you can find me binge watching The Office, eating Chick-Fil-A, or planning my next travel adventure—probably to Canada because I think I’d be Canadian in another life...eh?

That’s my goal: to document your spirit, and all the chapters that have come together to bind your story together. So let’s create it - through imagery and adventure.

The traditional wedding world tells us we have to do certain things in specific ways, but we are about to break that mold, TOGETHER. Your wedding is the start of an incredible story book of marriage, and better yet: it’s YOUR story. So why should we tell it in any way that doesn’t directly reflect the essence of you??

You should be captured living in moments of happiness, feeling the wind on your face, the earth beneath your feet, and your hands encompassed in those of your loved one.

I’m Shelby—a nature lovin', National Park obsessed, red-headed daughter of God that desires to bring some adventure into YOUR own journey!

hello there!

As a self taught photographer myself I encourage people to take advantages of resources the internet has to offer - especially resources that offer 1-on-1 learning experiences. Running a business is intimating as HECK and there are so many ways to do it. How do you know which way is YOUR way?? 

That’s what I aim to uncover in these mentor sessions. How to bring YOU to your business in every way. My purpose is not to show you all my tricks so you can do them in return, (as in, “Here ya go…now off with you!”) but instead using my knowledge to discover what is best for your pathway. We are all beautifully unique and that is exactly what I want us to embrace.

Hang out with me + learn all the tricks of my trade!

My passion: to create for you a space of comfort and ease

I hear so often form couples how uncomfortable they feel they'll be in front of the camera.

I have made it my mission not just to take pictures, but to also spend time with and getting to know you before and during our time together.

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera starts with feeling connected to your photographer. My priority is create a time for you to feel at ease - to breathe and enjoy time being together. 

After years of searching... I finally found my perfect teammates. Katee + Caroline have become some of my favorite people in this world. Their hearts to serve and ability to create images that document authentic emotion fall exactly in line with what I am passionate about.

I am so excited to welcome them onto my team!

If by chance I am already booked for your date, now you can STILL be a Thistle + Wood couple. WAHOO!

Did you hear the news?! I am a team! 

A few snapshots from my girls:

Caroline + Katee

Georgia based adventurer photographer