Rainy Oakleaf Cottage Intimate Wedding in Chattanooga, Tennessee


August 23, 2022

We knew it was going to rain.

The forest of Oakleaf Cottage became dark and thunder rolled across the skies during Joy & Jake’s ceremony. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had as a wedding photographer. 

And as it would have it, it began raining…right before the kiss. Venue workers were running umbrellas out, family and friends ran up to cover this sweet couple, and we continued on.

Joy & Jake then turned, finally husband and wife, and ran up the aisle in the rain, smiling, cheering, and just taking it all in.

Guests quickly followed and we all piled in the barn, giggling and smiling because WOW. What a way to do it.

The couple ran off to have a private dinner and I sat peering at the ever changing light and rain through the forest.

I was mesmerized.  I could see the sunshine building. I was getting antsy.

As a photographer, there is always the inner battle of knowing that if I whisked the couple away we could get epic photos…but I also don’t like interrupting private moments – especially when the couple hasn’t been around each other all day.

AND it was raining. Couple usually say no to the rain.

Then I saw it. Like a switch the forest erupted in light rays, the rain softened, and I never ran so fast in my life.

I ran past the planner, stole her umbrella with a mumbled explanation, stumbled over to Joy and Jake, frantically pointed at the forest, jumping up and down, and in full desperation asked to steal them for a few moments.

I expected a no, but instead got a, “Oh heck yes let’s go!!!”

Let me tell you. I am pretty sure I teared up as we skipped over to the rays.

The Joy and Jake danced in the rain together. Not caring about dirty dresses or wet hair. They embraced, giggled, and smiled so hard. We couldn’t stop LIVING.

I think a lot of couples miss this. And in the end it is okay – rain can be tough. But could you imagine what Joy & Jake would have missed out on if they played it safe? Not only these photos, but the incredible moments of togetherness they had because of it.

I’m so thankful for brave couples like these two.

Check out this short video below of the thunder that rumbled all throughout their ceremony!

Venue: Oakleaf Cottage

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