A Bohemian Forest Wedding at Oakleaf Cottage in Chattanooga, Tennessee


August 23, 2022

A Bohemian Forest Wedding at Oakleaf Cottage in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Let’s talk about one of my favorite Georgia wedding venues: Oakleaf Cottage

Oakleaf Cottage: A Haven of Uniqueness and Beauty:

Oakleaf Cottage, nestled in the heart of Trenton, Georgia, is a hidden gem that exudes rustic charm and natural elegance. Surrounded by a dense forest, it provides an intimate setting that perfectly complements a bohemian-themed wedding. Its quaint charm, combined with the picturesque natural surroundings, makes it an ideal venue for couples seeking a unique and magical celebration.

The Allure of a Forest Wedding: There’s something undeniably magical about exchanging vows amidst the majesty of the forest. Couples are drawn to forest weddings for the sense of tranquility, romance, and connection with nature they provide. Surrounded by towering trees, the couple’s love seemed to intertwine with the beauty of the woods, creating an ethereal atmosphere that enchanted all in attendance.

The Lush Greens of Summer:

As the summer sun bathed the forest in a vibrant green hue, Oakleaf Cottage transformed into an enchanting wonderland. The vibrant colors of nature created a breathtaking backdrop for the celebration, accentuating the bohemian theme and giving the entire event an ethereal quality. one of my favorite things about this venue is the LUSH greens and how thick the forests are. It truly feels like you are transported the a Lord of the Rings word.

Rain and Thunder: The Unforeseen Blessing:

Nature has its own way of making weddings even more memorable, and on this day, it came in the form of thunder rolling across the skies as the ceremony commenced. Just as the couple sealed their love with a kiss, the heavens opened, and gentle raindrops began to fall. Undeterred, Joy and Jake embraced the rain as a symbol of the fresh start to their journey as husband and wife. Check out the video in the blog post – I had chills! And it just kept getting better…

A Moment of Awe:

As the reception unfolded amidst the gentle patter of raindrops, something magical happened. The rain continued to pour until, suddenly, the forest seemed to come alive with radiant light rays breaking through the canopy above. The sun was coming out…and I had to find my couple!

As a photographer, I knew I had to seize this fleeting opportunity to capture the breathtaking scene. Fueled by a desire to immortalize this enchanting moment, I rushed toward Joy and Jake, my urgency evident as I frantically borrowed an umbrella and guided them towards the rays of light. I might have looked like a crazy person…but it was worth it.

What transpired next was pure magic. Joy and Jake embraced the rain and danced together, immersed in each other’s love. Their laughter echoed through the forest, and it was evident that they were savoring every moment of this unexpected experience. Their willingness to embrace the rain, the mud, and the mess without a care in the world reflected their deep love and bond.

The Power of Bravery:

In life, as in weddings, unexpected challenges may come our way. Joy and Jake’s willingness to embrace the rain and bask in the rays of light symbolized their bravery and ability to weather any storm together. It reminded us all that life’s most precious moments often lie just beyond our comfort zones.

As I look back on this forest wedding at Oakleaf Cottage, I am filled with gratitude for the privilege of capturing Joy and Jake’s beautiful love story. Their bohemian-themed celebration amidst the lush summer greens, the unexpected rain and light rays, and their unwavering bravery serve as a reminder that love is about embracing the journey, come rain or shine. I am forever thankful for couples like Joy and Jake, who remind us to live fully and cherish the magic that life, love, and nature offer us.

I think a lot of couples miss this. And in the end it is okay – rain can be tough. But could you imagine what Joy & Jake would have missed out on if they played it safe? Not only these photos, but the incredible moments of togetherness they had because of it.

I’m so thankful for couples like these two.

Check out this short video below of the thunder that rumbled all throughout their ceremony!

Venue: Oakleaf Cottage

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