I cannot wait to begin this journey with you! Teaching and sharing is an honor I don’t take lightly - it is a gift I am so thoroughly grateful for. With that said let’s check out the options! Keep on scrolling!

Before we get started let’s make one thing clear. I desire to teach you all about your business, but even more so, I want to dive in deeper. I also want to teach you about YOURSELF! 

You see, as photographers we are gifted to be freelancers in our brand. Which in my eyes means our brands are extensions of US! We are who are clients interact with constantly, so it is important for our brand to really reflect our personality, interests, the audience we want to serve, AND our unique purpose we were created for. There is something special - something that makes you only you and so beautifully you. I aim to begin these sessions equipping you with the tools that will help reveal this purpose to you. From there we will go into what applying that to your business looks like. And we are going to ROCK it!

My goal in these mentor sessions is to tailor your experience to your wants and needs, and that your session feels like it was MADE for you. I am all about client experience, so I have poured into planning these sessions to ensure you FEEL poured into yourself. In our session there are no walls - you can ask me anything as I will be an open book ready to share all I have learned with you. I am so excited for the opportunity to hang with you! 

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Looking to Learn?!

mentor sessions

- 3 hours of hangout time
- 2 Zoom Calls 
- Mentor Welcome Guide 
- Welcome goodies ;) 
- Mentor Questionnaire 
- Free-for-all Q&A with me - no limits!


This session is geared towards those who aren’t local (but if you’re local we can make this a hangout instead of a Zoom call!) Our time will be divided into two calls. First we will have the “get to know you” call where we will dive into who you are and how your strengths as a person can so beautifully tie into your branding as a business. You’d be surprised at how much they correlate!

Next, after a few days or a week (once things have had time to marinate from our first chat ;) ) We will jump into our second call which will be all things business! We will take what we learned in the first call and blend it all together with your business. Here you are welcome to ask ALL the questions - I am an open book about everything! 

$500 | 3 HOURS TOTAL

Zoom Session - 2 Parts

- 1 hour Zoom call consolation covering your website
- Notes, encouragement, and direction to take  
- Help with SEO, branding, wording, what images to use, etc.
- Open Q&A about everything websites! 


Feel like your website may need a little help? Whether it’s brand consistently, overall flow, images to use and not use, WHATEVER - I am here to help! 

Websites are the store front to our business - they can be the first thing people see and interact with so it’s VITAL our websites represent our brand and service. So let’s hook you up!

When you book this session I will take a look over your website and make notes of the things I see that I LOVE and things that may need some improvement. After that we can hop on Zoom to chat ALL the details to be sure you are understand and prepared to make your website bangin’!


Website Critique

the investment

This time we will chat allll about you! Your goals, things that you struggle with, how you think you can serve in your business. I want to take this time to REALLY get to know you so we can tie in WHO you are into your business and make this session all about you!

First, Zoom Call:

This session is the epitome of ALL the sessions!! We are going to be diving into you, your business, AND I will put together a shoot with a couple that will allow you the chance for you to see how I shoot and give you a practice ground to test what you’ve learned.

This will happen a few days or a week after our Zoom call. I want you to have time to really think about all we discussed in our previous chat so we can hash out some goals for this next one. I say “hangout” but you better believe we are getting right down to business! This chat will be all about the business side of things. Examples are social media marketing, client experience, posing, branding, client communication…and many mooooore! Whatever you feel like you need some help in I am here for you! 

Next, In-Person Hangout:

Directly after our chat, we will head over to meet our couple for our session! I will take over during the first few minutes to demonstrate how I communicate, pose, and make my couples comfortable in front of the camera. The rest of the time is for you to play! You are free to ask questions at anytime! I will be there to guide you through anything and everything.

Lastly, Live Shoot

- Mentor Questionnaire
- Styled couples session
- Free-for-all Q&A with me - no limits!

- 4-5 hours of hangout time 
- 1 Zoom call + 1 in-person chat 
- Mentor Welcome Guide 
- Welcome goodies ;) 


$800 | 4-5 hours total

The Trifecta: Zoom + In-person chat + Live Shoot

You are unique - unlike anyone else. My goal is to make our session as unique as you are so we can get to the roots of how you can blossom. I am sooooo excited :)

Feelin’ like you’ve been in a business slump? Maybe you’re lost on what branding direction to go in, or even, you’ve hit a rut when it comes to effortlessly posing (with unposed poses I should say…) with couples?? WHATEVER it is, I strive to lend you a hand to share with you the knowledge and techniques I have learned in order to better help you with YOUR journey. 

Once we begin our time together I will be sending you a questionnaire to better understand where your heart is at so I can custom create our session for you!

Let's Doooo This!

Georgia based adventurer photographer