Autumnal Cloudland Canyon Elopement


September 1, 2020

Cloudland Canyon wedding photographer

Leighanne contacted me a week before their elopement date because they were trying to chase Autumn as it came down the East Coast. We were heading into the middle of November so Fall was just about coming to a close, however North Georgia still was shining brightly with it golden hues. 

So she chose North Georgia as the place they would say their forever vows. I LOVED how they let nature chose their date – instead of going with their wishes, it was completely by fate of where Autumn rested! 

 I knew a perfect place for them to celebrate their new season – I suggested Cloudland Canyon and she fell in love! 

This elopement was a bit different from the norm, because usually I am in communication with my couples awhile before their wedding date, however since Leighanne had contacted me only a week before I was hoping we would still feel a connection to each other. 

And we absolutely did! I LOVED coming into their tree house and hugging her. The environment was so comfortable and warm, and I know her and Jeremy were so eager to finally become one. From there magic continue to unfold – Leighanne told me that Jeremy, who is a wood worker, made his ring, and she had refashioned her dress and robe from old, vintage dresses. Her dress is still one of my favorites I’ve see to date. 

She told me right off the bat that they were not emotional people. This happens quite often in weddings, so I told them to just be themselves – I expected nothing from them. As long as they were comfortable and happy, I was more then a blessed photographer! 

…and then we got to their first look. Leighanne gracefully walked down the leaf covered pathway to her to-be husband – I felt like I was watching a movie scene. The wind was rustling the leaves in the trees, the sunlight was pouring in behind them, and Leighanne came up and gently tapped Jeremy on the shoulder. He turned, tears already running down his face, and embraced her tightly. Both of them melted into one another as emotion over came them. I. Was. In. awe.

 Leighanne turned to me after a few minutes as exclaimed, “I don’t know what THAT was!” And we laughed and soaked in more of the blessed time we had in that moment. 

From there we drove to Cloudland, frolicked through more autumn colored leaves, and chose a golden area for their vows. Once more I stood back and took in such a beautifully, emotional scene before me as they promised each other their hearts. Their love is SO rich and deep and I cannot express how much of a blessing it was for me to be there. 

 This day was so incredible and I am forever grateful to Leighanne + Jeremy and the adventure I got to experience with them! 

Park: Cloudland Canyon State Park

Tree House: Treetop Hideaways

Hair + Makeup: Erin Ryser

Florals: Shean Strong

Bridal Cape: Noon on the Moon

FEATURED IN: Wandering Weddings

  1. Brittany Braddy says:

    Hey! My name is Brittany and I was planning to elope. Didn’t know where until I seen your post on Pinterest and I absolutely am IN LOVE. I’m planning on eloping towards the end of the year. October or November. Would love to use you as our photographer. Could I get a list of prices and more info please! It would just be me, my two kids and my fiancé.

    • Shelby Robinson says:

      HEY BRITTANY! You are sooo sweet! It makes me smile so much to see you found a place you like AND you would love for me to be with you to document such a sweet time in your lives! If you wouldn’t mind, shoot me an email at and we can get to chatting more about your elopement! Shelby 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    How far of a hike did she do in her dress to get to the waterfall?

    • Shelby Robinson says:

      She hiked all the way in her dress! To get to the falls it isn’t terribly long – maybe 10-15 minutes? So thankfully it worked out pretty well! She just gathered up her dress and went to it! It was incredible!

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