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September 3, 2020

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WHEN WE GOT TO MAX PATCH, a beautiful mountain bald in the Pisgah National Forest, it was above freezing. (but not far from it!) The day before the area had gotten fresh snowfall, but the dirt road to get to the parking lot was pretty clear…for the most part.

The parking lot was slush and ice, but thankfully we were able to arrive without issues. (I was realllll thankful for that!) Kelsey + Jac arrived and we began our assent to the top, every step we took to climb up, the temperature dropped. 

As you can imagine the very top was unbelievably COOOOLD! (we measured it later that night and it was under 25 degrees!) But Kesey + Jac didn’t even bat an eye. 

Between warming breaks they danced, threw and kicked snow at one another, swirled, laughed, and had the absolute best time. I couldn’t get over how tough they were. Yall. IT WAS COLD! But goodness was it ever worth it because the snow with the golden light…IT WAS JUST ABOUT PERFECT! My heart was so happy.

Then we got to the bottom. Long story short…my parking break froze to the back wheels of my car and my car wouldn’t move an inch. Jac finally got it out of the icy ruts it had gotten stuck in, but the break was still locked on the wheels. So while I could move, I was fish tailing all over the place. (remember that slush from earlier? It froze to ice…heh.)

Thankfully I have AAA, Yay! HOWEVER they had to come all the way from Asheville which would take over three hours in the end. (they had to find us since were in the middle of a mountain and that took awhile…) PRAISE THE LORD FOR KELSEY + JAC. They stayed with me the ENTIRE TIME. They kept me warm and safe in their car, and made sure I would be good for the night no matter if I had to stay in Asheville that night or drive home. (I was so worried my wheels where shot and that i would have to get it repaired in Asheville) 

FINALLY AAA got to us and we drove the hour back to Asheville. (At this point I was almost in tear for how bad I felt with how long this was taking, BUT I was also overwhelmed with gratitude for this sweet couple who were taking all this time to care for me. 

By the grace of God when we got to the McDonalds where AAA dropped off my car, I grabbed my keys, started the car, put it in drive, held my breath, and…IT DROVE!!! The wheels somehow unfroze or DID SOMETHING. 

I was able to drive home that night and got home a 3AM. It was a long night, but goodness I will be forever grateful for how incredible Kelsey & Jac were to me. I honestly don’t know what I would have done with out them. 

SO here is the magic that came out of the crazy evening, hah!

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