Rainy Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement


December 8, 2020

It called for 100% rain on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the North Carolina Mountains, yet Cassidy + Seth went forward with their elopement…and it was absolutely magical.

As soon as we got out into the wilderness C + S lit up – I have never seen a couple more excited to adventure together…IN THE RAIN. It absolutely shocked me. We couldn’t see the mountains. It was dreadfully cold and misty. Harder rain was coming. And yet these two felt nothing but joy.

Most people would have been deeply upset because of the weather. But not these two.

Instead they made it apart of their story. And danced in the rain as they begun their marriage journey together.

I rarely get to see this – as a photographer it absolutely touched my soul and refreshed my sprint.

So how can YOU make rain work in your favor?

A few tips on how to thrive on a rainy wedding day:

  • Don’t let the negative perceptions of people lead you astray.
  • Look to create an experience together and be authentically present no matter what’s in store.
  • Realize you cannot control the weather, but you can control your attitude and motivation.
  • Grab a bunch of clear umbrellas from target!

I encourage you to look to find ways to create enjoyment and gratitude on your wedding day – this is the basis for good pictures. Not perfect weather 🤍

Hair + Makeup by: Makeup by Ashton

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