Blue Ridge Parkway Intimate Mountain Wedding


January 12, 2021

I’ve begun to realize that as a person and as a photographer I pick up the energy of the people around me. I feel it and it can change my mood based on the vibes i feel. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m an empath, but it’s more of a chameleon effect – that I can pick up, feel, and change to match my surrounding.

As a photographer it has both a negative and positive affect, and this is part I’ve why I’ve been focusing so hard on finding my niche to serve.

In weddings when people worry about details past the point of what’s appropriate, try to control or micromanage me, or just let anxiety push them over the edge of being present on their day, It’s like a wave of negative comes into me and slowly drowns me – it keeps me from being the best I can be.


However when couples trust me, when they let go to go more with the flow, lean into my knowledge and let themselves be purposefully present, it has the complete opposite effect:

Energized, motivated, joy, a desire for closeness and connection, a drive to endlessly serve.

And this day was EXACTLY an example of this.

Last week Grace + Robert planned to have their intimate wedding in the mountains. However as the day drew closer, we found that the hurricane would have wreck our plans with rainy, miserable conditions.

So I came to Grace with a handful of Plan Bs. And by the GRACE of God we moved the wedding a day up two days before the original day and these are the conditions we got 🙌🏻

Grace’s words: “Shelby was SO accommodating and calm and immediately had a fantastic solution and was so flexible and easy going that I was able to completely de stress.

The day of the wedding, Shelby had us giggling and cracking up the whole time that my husband and I, two very insecure people in front of a camera, never once felt awkward or out of place. Shelby made us so comfortable and it just felt like a day with our long lost best friend.”

From the moment we spoke I could feel Grace’s trust in me and y’all, that’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your photographers. It motivated me to serve in every realm because she flowed right into my flow. And goodness was it good!!

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