Dreamy Linville Gorge & Looking Glass Falls Day After Photo Session


March 1, 2022


👉🏻 What are they?! 👈🏻

Say you want to elope somewhere in the mountains or at the rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest…but you want to include family and still desire to have a traditional wedding. A day after session is a perfect way to get BOTH!

For example, Loren + Todd, in these pictures, had a beautiful intimate wedding with their family and loved ones back that I photographed at Brasstown Valley Resort + Spa near Brasstown Bald, Georgia. It was a day filled with intentionality, happiness, and presentness, and it was a perfect way to celebrate with family. THEN a couple weeks later, we planned a trip to the mountains where they put wedding attire back on and we ventured to the Western North Carolina mountains to continue the celebration…with just them two.

Not only did they get pictures and the experience of a traditional wedding, but they also got their adventure session of their dreams.

It. Was. Perfection.


📍They don’t have to be THE DAY AFTER. It’s just the name. As I said, Loren and Todd did theirs a few weeks later.
📍You can even do it BEFORE your wedding! I’ve had couples do their adventure session BEFORE their wedding.
📍Beach, mountain, forest…whatever is most you. You can go anywhere!
📍These sessions are just a few hours not an entire day like a wedding.
📍They are a great way create a deeper, more intentional wedding experience because it’s time alone with your love (after all the wedding hustle) getting to take in the wonders of nature and just joyfully be together in this new season.
📍Usually a wedding day os rushed and you can only get so many pictures. But for these sessions you can breath, go slowly, and get so many more pictures that represent who you are together. 

📍They also can be a great way to say your vows privately t one another!

Plus come on. Who wouldn’t want pictures like this?!

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