Romantic & Fun Toccoa Falls Engagement Session

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July 12, 2022

man and women embracing in waterfall

The best way to do you engagement session?

Jump FULLY into it.

Not only did Kaylie + Asiel bring the steam + romance, but they brought just as much the HILARIOUS and unshameably-themselves energy.

Asiel who can quote just about every line from The Office and Kaylie who looks like a Celtic goddess and is so fun to talk to… one could say we got off smashingly. These two made me SO happy.

…and then they asked if they could get in the water.

One could say my photographer heart leaped out of my chest – it may have been the quickest yes I have said in my life!

Toccoa Falls is an incredible spot for pictures because it is only about a 5 minute walk from your car – IF THAT! And did you know it’s taller than Niagara Falls? Google it – it’s true! (I had to look it up too. I doubted…)

It’s fantastic not just for couple sessions, but also weddings and elopements! Basically it’s a fun place to get the “elopement in the wilderness” look…without doing the hiking work. Which is pretty fantastic 😉

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