Tender Cloudland Canyon Engagement Session


July 12, 2022

couple embracing in front of waterfall at Cloudland Canyon

Something I do at every one of my sessions is start off by asking this question?

“Is there anything you are anxious about? Any insecurities that are worries about? I would love to create a space – no shame – to talk about anything that you may be nervous about because I want to encourage and help YOU feel comfortable. Plus I really want these pictures to reflect that ease.”

It is pretty common that I hear something along the lines of this response:

“I am just so awkward in front of the camera – I’m nervous that will show.”

These two felt very similarly as they had never gotten professional photos taken before – so it made COMPLETE sense.

Heck, I feel that way when I get in front of the camera and I do this for a living!

This is why I am so passionate about not showing up JUST to take pictures. I want for you to feel a connection with me, so your connection with your person can so easily shine so I can document the beauty of the story you share together.

Comfortableness in front of the camera begins with the level of comfort and trust you feel with your photographer.

So we spoke for awhile – me encouraging and hear, them sharing their hearts and their life together. It was a gift to listen. We took time for some photos at Cloudland Canyon State Park, then time to talk more – walked around, chatted with others in the park. It was easy and I got to watch Sherry and Matt melt together in this space.

They unraveled their story before me and I just got to sit back in awe and document their connection. Over and over again I said just how amazed how quickly their grew comfortable and how expressive they were with one another.

But in the end I wasn’t surprised – I knew they had it in them. But I also knew they needed to feel that comfort next to me first.

That is priority for me as a photographer every time.

I’m so grateful for the couples that share who they are with me – it is, every time, a joy to document. To share what I see and to do so in a way that uniquely brings to life their life together!

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