North Georgia Winter Engagement at Amicalola Falls State Park


February 3, 2023

North Georgia Winter Engagement at Amicalola Falls State Park

Winter is coming.

So obviously this means we can’t do your engagement photos, right?


Winter is one of the my favorite times to do engagement sessions because it IS beautiful. AND not hot!

It’s easy to believe with everything looking dead and dull, your pictures have no chance and coming out, but let Mackenzie & Damon’s shoot here be an example of just how beautiful winter can be.

Mainly because… it brings the MOOD.

A few of my other favorite things?

  • Again, COOLER temperatures. Summer shoots are ROUGH. Trying to look pretty while sweating is a job you don’t want to have.
  • Locations are more private. People tend to stay in more and this makes locations more open. I value this for my sessions so there is more intimacy.
  • Less bug, pests, and plants. For real. No mosquitoes. No poison ivy. Hallelujah.
  • Usually winter is a photographer’s slow season. So this means they will get your photos back to you quicker. (I got this gallery back within a week when my normal turn around time is 2-3 weeks.) It’s pretty sweet 😉
  • Believe it or not…the sun still sets in winter. As you can see in this gallery, the sunset blew our MINDS. It felt like a summer sunset, but BETTER. So cut winter some slack…it can still bring the color.

The light and coloring are sooo different in the winter, and I’ve found there to be a more dramatic, bold feel that my photos will take up. Which is quite remarkable to see. It surprised me because again, I thought the “dead” look would lack warmth. But winter it really holds true to being uniquely beautiful.

Are you sold yet on the idea of a winter shoot? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get ready for your session!

  • NEUTRALS. I am a big neutral clothing fan through and through. But it really goes so well with the browns and blacks that encompass winter coloring. Mackenzie and Damon could not have chosen more perfect outfits for their winter shoot – it ideally complimented the background!
  • Bring warm clothes. Us folks in the southern USA don’t get hit with winter TOO hard. But we can have some chilly days. I always tell my couples to bring some layers we can take a “warming break” in if needed. You never know!
  • Pick locations have that more variety. This is what I love so much about Amicalola Falls. Even though the trees and plant life are dead, there is SO many dynamic spots that offer to fill in that background. From the waterfall to the mountains and all in-between, it feels like you are at different parks. (Waterfalls are my favorite winter photo shoot spot)
  • LANTERNS: I LOVE lanterns…if you haven’t been able to tell. Shooting past the sunset is something I encourage my couples to consider because we can really get creative. Lanterns are another way to fill in those winter “gaps” in foliage too.

Winter is my favorite season, so I love when couples are brave enough to go for it for their engagement session. So what about you…have I convinced you??

P.S. A few of my favorite moments from this session:

When Mackenzie & Damon first walked up to me I am pretty sure I squeaked/squealed because I could not believe how PRETTY they were. In this vintage, timeless way. Photographing them was effortless.

Damon was a natural hand kisser and face caresser with Mackenzie. So I was swooning over how he loved on his girl.

And lastly, I want to give a shoutout to these two, because they climbed the infamous stairs of Amicalola Falls State Park. Up and back down. You can see them in some of the pictures. There is a lot…and it is straight up. I was so proud of them. And it sure allowed us to get some incredible photos too!

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