Intimate Waterfall Wedding At Toccoa Falls


October 27, 2023

bride and groom embrace at an intimate wedding at Toccoa Falls

Intimate Waterfall Wedding At Toccoa Falls | North Georgia Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, every wedding is a unique story waiting to be told through my lens. Jessi and Clay’s intimate wedding at Toccoa Falls in Georgia was nothing short of a fairy tale, with its enchanting moments unfolding against the backdrop of nature’s beauty and the cozy charm of The Barn at Lake Rabun.

Intimate weddings are my favorite, and this day truly exemplifies why!

The Barn at Lake Rabun: A Photographer’s Haven

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, The Barn at Lake Rabun stands as one of my favorite places for brides and grooms to prepare for their big day. Its unique cottage charm, lush landscaped yard, and abundant natural lighting make it a photographer’s dream.

One of my FAVORITE parts of a wedding day is the getting ready time, so I LOVE when couples put a little extra effort into a pretty space. (aka the Barn at Lake Rabun) I love finding the little moments, the in-betweens, and moments that are focused less on perfection, and more on being real!

The day began with a symphony of anticipation. I walked into the barn with its doors wide open, letting in the warm Georgia sunlight. The air was filled with the sweet melody of music playing softly in the background. Jessi, the bride, sat amidst the makeup brushes and palettes, a vision of beauty and intentionality. Clay, the dashing groom, waved from the top window, his excitement palpable.

What struck me most was the presence of Jessi and Clay’s families, their love weaving through every room. The air was filled with the laughter of nieces and nephews, eager to be part of the unfolding magic.

Intimate Moments Unveiled: A Family Affair

One of the most touching moments was witnessing Jessi’s nieces coming together to help her get dressed. The room was filled with intimacy, sweetness, and a remarkable sense of familial love. It emphasized the value of having family close as you prepare for such a significant moment in life.

The importance of a well-lit, clean room for preparation cannot be overstated. The natural light streaming through the windows at The Barn at Lake Rabun added a soft glow to every moment, enhancing the authenticity of the scenes I was privileged to capture.

First Look and Private Vows: A Deep Connection

Jessi and Clay’s decision to have a first look and share private vows was absolutely beautiful. It was a moment filled with joyful tears, deep connection, and the kind of beautiful words that resonated in all our hearts. Sharing private vows during a first look can be an incredibly meaningful and intimate experience for a couple. It adds a layer of personal connection and authenticity to the wedding day that may be missed in the midst of all the festivities. AND, Moreover, this allows the bride and groom to fully express themselves without the pressure of an audience! Wedding ceremonies can be formal and structured, and there might not be enough time or space to convey the depth of one’s feelings. The first look provides an opportunity for an unscripted, unrestrained exchange of words. (my favorite)

Toccoa Falls: A Whimsical Waterfall Ceremony

Moving to Toccoa Falls for the waterfall ceremony was like stepping into a fairy tale. The setting was whimsical, romantic, and the evening unfolded like a dream. Capturing the bride and groom walking back down the aisle, surrounded by the embrace of family and friends, was a poignant moment—one that encapsulated the essence of their love.

Toccoa Falls is of the best wedding venues in North Georgia: the picturesque setting, with the stunning waterfall as a backdrop, adds a touch of natural beauty that can make any wedding feel like a fairy tale. Imagine exchanging vows with the soothing sound of cascading water in the background…

Toccoa Falls – which stands it 186 foot high – is one of the tallest free-falling waterfalls east of the Mississippi River…and the best part? It’s only about 5 minute walk to get to it form the parking lot! It a great middle ground of getting an elopement look, while still having the means to be surrounded by friends and family.

Candlelit Dinner Under the Stars: A Perfect Conclusion

Back at The Barn at Lake Rabun, the day concluded with a candlelit dinner under the stars. The intimacy of the setting mirrored the intentional love that had defined the entire day. Tears of joy were evident as guests and family celebrated the union of Jessi and Clay.

In every frame, I aimed to capture not just the images but the emotions, the connections, and the love that made Jessi and Clay’s wedding day truly magical. It was an honor to be a part of their story, a chapter written against the backdrop of Toccoa Falls and the timeless charm of The Barn at Lake Rabun.

Planing & Styling: Emily Aitkens Events

Video: Aura & Endi Film

Ceremony Venue: Toccoa Falls

Getting Ready & Reception Venue: The Barn at Lake Rabun

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