Foggy North Georgia Waterfall Intimate Wedding


March 1, 2023

Foggy North Georgia Waterfall Intimate Wedding

Ive had a dream ever since I became a Cloudland Canyon Wedding photographer…and it came true with this intimate wedding. You’re not going to believe it…I didn’t!

Courtney + Brandon reached out me a month before their wedding, and yet, I was already booked for the Saturday they asked about. I expressed my sadness over the situation, but since it was an intimate wedding and not a traditional/bigger one, I told her I was available for the Sunday after if her plans had any flexibility.

I didn’t think much of it because when couples pick a date, usually it’s locked in.

Courtney surprised me by saying they would change things up to bring me along for their sweet day. I was floored and so excited!

What is a benefit to having an intimate wedding or elopement?

You have more freedom to move things around!

Fast forward to the week of:

Their original Saturday came and went, it was a beautiful sunny day.

And the Sunday after?

Rainy. Foggy. GRAY and depressing.

You can now envision me, scratching the back of my head…chagrined over them moving their date to a dreary day for me to be there.

But I was determined to make this day, for them, memories to cherish.

Through the rain and fog, it will forever be one of my most cherish weddings to have been apart of.

The reasons?

Courtney and Brandon has the most beautiful attitude. Multiple times they vocalized how bleak the weather was, but they would laugh and still choose to enjoy every second instead of drifting into a negative headspace. They made the most of it. Including getting fully wet from the rain, and being present together.

6 things to remember for a rainy wedding:

  • Remember you cannot change or control the weather. But you can control your intent. Focus instead on finding joy in the little and big moments. (like Courtney + Brandon) Make the most of what you are given. Look to create an experience together and be authentically present no matter what’s in store. 
  • Bring umbrellas! I always carry with me 2 clear umbrellas for outdoor weddings. Or you can pick up some of your own here.
  • Look for breaks in the weather. Especially for intimate weddings and elopements, where there is more flexibility to rearrange things. Most likely rain will take a break…and that is your queue to make the important things happen!
  • Don’t let the negative perceptions of people lead you astray. 
  • If you are getting married in a public park or space, rain scares off the crowds…so here will be less people for you to wade through. aka more intimacy!

The next biggy? Remember that dream of mine I mentioned above?

I have always wanted to see fog roll in through the Canyons of Cloudland Canyon State Park, to the point where fog would reach the waterfall. In many years of shooting wedding, elopements, and engagement session, I have yet to see it.

And this day I finally got it. I was like a kid! And it made the park feel so ethereal. As though we were transported to the Pacific North West!

Over and over again Mother Nature proves that rain can bring such a unique beauty to a wedding – especially if you go for it. I was so honored to be apart of Courtney + Brandon’s day, and even more so to witness the beauty of surrender and find joy when it can seem impossible.

Check out what Courtney had to say about her experience:

“I am honestly speechless. Let me tell y’all, I moved my wedding date to have her and it was the best decision. Shelby completely knocked it out of the park. From the first emails we exchanged, her delightful personality was shining through. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. I am so shy but she was such a great hypeman during pictures. These pictures are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I’m a pretty average looking gal but oh my god, she somehow made them look like they came straight out of a fairy tale.

The best way to sum her up, is that she edits pictures perfectly but not to perfection where you don’t even recognize yourself. If you’re considering her, book her!!

The only downside is my husband won’t let me hang up all 500 pictures and it’s impossible to choose favorites. I could go on and on but I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.”

Hair: Hair by Anna Claire

Makeup: Makeup by Ashton

Officiant: Blake Wedding Officiant

Park: Cloudland Canyon State Park

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