Intimate Autumn Cloudland Canyon Elopement


February 16, 2023

Intimate Autumn Cloudland Canyon Elopement

Fall in North Georgia never likes to be predictable.

However for these two it absolutely outdid itself.

Autumn came early this past year for us in Georgia. Normally I would have been surprised if Juliette and Kha had any color for their intimate elopement at Cloudland Canyon State Park, and yet this evening was one of the most beautiful nights I have experienced at the park. It wasn’t just the color that took my breathe away, it was how quiet it felt.

One of the main reasons?

They chose a weekday evening to celebrate.

It was later October for their elopement. What is normally peak season for visitors and crowds, ended up with us missing ALL of them – it felt like we had the park all to ourselves.

Up front, I encourage all my couples to consider making a weekday work for elopements or intimate weddings. Especially when at public places like Cloudland Canyon.

It is not uncommon on weekends for the park to fill up with people and cars – to the point where rangers close up the area and wait until people filter out.

And yet even though we were in peak visitor season, we only saw about 2 other groups of people the entire time we were here.

it was incredible, and yet I wasn’t fully surprised because this is one of the secrets to having a remarkable intimate elopement.

We started about 25 minutes away at one of my favorite local treehouses called Treetop Hideaways. Just near Lookout Mountain, and next to downtown Chattanooga, Treetop Hideaways calls themselves a “boutique treehouse hotel, providing a nostalgic experience resting comfortably in the treetops.” This old growth forest is near Rock City, so you are right near towns and attractions without actually feeling and seeing the hustle and bustle of city life. Secluded, private, an invitation to rest and relax, and even more so, the perfect backdrop for getting ready for your elopement…I always recommend this place to getaway to!

Another Autumn elopement that took place at the same treehouse:

One of the sweetest things about elopements is the space created to help one another get ready. Juliette and Kha took their time to enjoy just simply being together and getting dressed together.

It is a different kind of intentionality that may go against tradition, BUT it is an invitation to slow down and connect throughout every moment.

We made the quick trek to Cloudland Canyon State Park not long after, and we all were so pleasantly surprised at how little people where there.

It was just past peak in this Fall season, but at Cloudland that means you’re in for quite a show.

At this point much of the golden and brilliantly yellow leaves begin to pop. This was evident as we made out was to Cherokee Falls. One of my favorite parts was the pooling of yellow leaves on the waters surface. It felt like we stepped into a scene of Lord of the Rings.

It was ethereal and the greatest peace I have felt at a wedding thus far.

It is a dog-eared page in my photography journey that I am so thankful to have experienced. I deeply cherish this day and time, and I am so thankful that these two entrusted me and invited me to document their love.

Cloudland Canyon never ceases to surprise me no matter how many times I visit. If you are considering eloping here, be sure to check out my Cloudland Canyon Elopement Guide. It walks you through just about everything you could know about how to plan for a day such as this for your own wedding!

Treehouse: Treehouse Hideaways

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